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Locicycle Review - Chris Munch's New Loci Farming Crypto Edition

Whether you're in eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Local Marketing, SEO, Crypto or anything else, Chris Munch has a huge surprise for you.

Why This Product Review is Great
And Comes At The Perfect Time

This product has been launched to assist those who aspire to become as successful in the sales space as Chris Munch - the notable expert in online business.

The product provides ecommerce or dropshipping brands, local businesses, or entrepreneurs with a simple way to create and distribute content for their brands, services, and products with ease.

The system promotes the best offers with low competition and high profits with minimal effort. Users can feel confident in promoting zero competition offers online with tools, resources and a business model that is proven and tested. You will learn how to become your own boss using the online training program.

Learn how to take advantage of the best profit opportunities today and in the future. So much is waiting for you with the 90 days step by step guidance.

Is the money making strategy of 2021 about to be exposed?

Instead of having to figure out which marketing strategies are best, this marketing software will do all the work, saving you thousands of dollars and hours per month.

More specifically, they create content through various channels, including articles, blogs, videos, SlideShare, and audio advertisements. After they have been created, they are published into hundreds of channels, websites and digital platforms. I don't know what else to call it if this isn't the ultimate advertising effort.

The best thing you can learn from Chris Munch is how to create business niche websites and generate a lot of targeted, organic traffic of hungry buyers almost for free. A multimillion-dollar online business builder himself, Chris has created such unique tools as PressCable - online press release distribution , 100k ShoutOut and Ampifire as well as this money-making venture.

Rather than featuring overpriced cheap software that half the time does not work as promised, this course provides the tools and training that professional and successful marketers use to develop and grow their businesses.

How Does System Work?

With this brand-new Online-Business-in-a-Box System, you can start and run online businesses in many different niches with ZERO competition, and even make money in the Crypto niche. The content is created, marketed, and distributed all over the internet in hundreds of publications, local news sites, blogs, and file hosting services.

It is even better that these profitable campaigns can be set up in under 30 minutes using fill-in-the-blank forms. As soon as the content is created, the system prepares it for distribution to various media outlets such as local news sites like Fox News, niche blogs, PDF and slides sites like SlideShare, informational sites like Flickr, and even creates the video and submits it to YouTube.

In order to accomplish all of this, new software called Ampifire has been developed by Chris Munch, creating a unique version of software of its kind. You can follow the process repeatedly without feeling overwhelmed, and it can be applied to any product, website, or niche.

Compared to other similar services that can only do a small fraction of what Ampifire can, the submissions are extremely inexpensive. There is software and training inside the members area for businesses of all kinds. We are sure so far that it will benefit eCommerce businesses, affiliate SEO campaigns, local business SEO, blogging, and any kind of consultancy or agency business, and now the crypto space.

Who is this For?

This business model is 100 percent beginner-friendly, and you don’t need to have an experience before you can join the program. There is a money-back guarantee but if you decide this can help you then make up your mind and do what you need to do to succeed.

Participants in the program will receive workshops, training sessions, tailored content marketing tools, and other resources so they can truly learn how to run and build a profitable online business regardless of economic challenges.

Over time, students will learn to scale their profits with free targeted buyer traffic. In addition to refining the business model and design of the software tools, the creators have spent years developing the methods to drive buyer traffic to any business in any niche.

You will have access to a private social network that connects entrepreneurs, marketers, learners, business owners, etc. This is the perfect training for anyone who wants to start a new business or grow their business with expert-led training that's 100% beginner-friendly. Your business will benefit from content marketing and excellent AI-powered software tools to automate most of its operations with this program.

You can drive more traffic, leads, and sales through this strategy for your online or local business. Using the program, you can archive top organic search results associated with the keyword you are trying to rank for.

A content marketing solution specifically designed for online businesses, it is the only automated content marketing software out there.

First of all, do you have something to sell? This does not mean that you must create your own product.
You will have the opportunity to market someone else's product, which is already proven to sell, and receive a commission per sale.

You will receive detailed training on exactly how to do this and the best offers to promote. With this process, you can reach over 200 of the world's biggest and most trusted websites with your ad.

Your chances of making money go up as you do more campaigns. A foolproof method is developed by Chris and Jay for finding hidden "cash cow" deals you can promote that will practically guarantee conversion. Step-by-step instruction on how to set up a marketing campaign, publish and distribute engaging content, and get visitors from Google, popular media sites, Youtube, Vimeo, and blogs, all on autopilot.

Thus, if you have an online business website, social media content or business account that you promote things on, taking Loci's content creation and distribution could even tenfold your business in record time. This system also takes care of that for you. 

Pros of the program

  • This business model has many opportunities with a proven track record

  • You can earn profits with CRYPTO without risking your money by buying a coin

  • A solution has been found to the traffic problem. You get access to A.I. that will generate targeted traffic to your offers.

  • You have access to people who are ready to help you with anything related to your business.

  • Cons of the program

  • Not everyone can afford

  • In order to implement it, you have to put in some work

  • There are no get-rich-quick schemes here

  • Loci

    A SaaS entrepreneur and viral content strategist, Chris Munch is the founder of AmpiFire.com, the first platform that lets you advertise on hundreds of authority websites in a matter of minutes. Additionally, he founded PressCable, a content marketing and news distribution company that helps companies become more visible online. Since he began on the Internet 15 years ago, Chris has published numerous independent websites and programs and has been featured in The Sun, Mashable, USAToday, BBC.co.uk, Wired, Gizmodo, and more.

    Chris Munch



    It's important to note that this method has been used by thousands of people to make millions of dollars online. The guys have a lot of case studies on what type of promotion works best for what business.

    Although the system is completely new, it is based on actual success stories from thousands of people. It will provide users with everything they need to start and sustain an online business model that works.

    Any online business will benefit from the research, marketing, and sales aspects of this system and receive an added boost through the exclusive traffic funnels it provides.

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    The main features of
    the program

    • The new crypto money making system doesn't involve buying coins or taking risks.

    • It has no startup costs, no inventory, no paid ads, no customer support, nor any of the usual headaches. All it takes for 30 minutes to get free targeted buyer traffic is a few steps.

    • No need to pay for ads because of free access to the incredible traffic platform.

    • Having produced countless testimonials, case studies and proofs, the community is thriving. More and more people are reporting earnings and traffic success than ever before.

    Favourite Messages From Users

    "We actually had to stop working for a month due to excessive traffic."


    "Getting half a million dollars is the easiest thing I've ever done."


    "I paid off my mortgage and bought two more houses with this."


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